Catton Print
13 & 14 Roundtree Close
Norwich NR7 8SX

Tel: 01603 404616

Sending Us Your Files

At Catton Print we are able to accept artwork in many different formats created on either PC or Mac.

Our preferred file format is PDF provided with a 3mm bleed and separated if necessary into spot colours or as CMYK if full process colour is required.

Other formats such as TIFF or JPEG should be saved as CMYK documents wherever possible and with bleed considered - no text too close to the edge please. We also take original files from the following programs:
Adobe Creative Suite - InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel.

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If the above section sounds like a load of mumbo-jumbo you might like to check out our Artwork Guidance page

Various issues can occur when sending original files so please call us on 01603 404616 for advice.
Artwork can be sent via email - just click on the red tab at the right of any page
Please note the maximum file size we can receive by normal email is 8Mb.

Sending files larger than 8Mb

For larger files we recommend sending your files to us using an online service called WeTransfer - a free platform for transferring large digital files up to 2GB per transfer. No registration necessary.

Click on the We Transfer logo to get started.

Please share your files with us using our email address